Our Wee Story

Lucie-Carr-The-Wee-Department-StoreWelcome to The Wee Department Store.  A new online department store for children aged 0-6 and their big people.

The Wee Department Store (TWDS) has an ethos of a traditional British department store but with a modern twist. We stock a beautiful selection of independent luxury brands from all over the world that cannot be found on the high street.

We have carefully selected clothes we would happily dress our own children in and products we would be proud to display in our homes. We hope you love them as much as we do.

TWDS is the brain child of Lucie Carr. A former doctor from Glasgow , Lucie lives with her husband and two wee boys (her biggest achievement to date) just off the seafront in sunny Brighton where she has been developing property in and around the South East for the past six years. Growing up in Glasgow she was surrounded by good old fashioned department stores, something which she feels is very much lacking in Brighton.

With this in mind it became her vision to create a store with these values, for young children and their ‘bigger people’.  Lucie believes in involving parents as much as possible in helping to bring The Wee Department Store to life, utilising many of their untapped resources in the TWDS branding, photography, marketing, PR, Web Design and stocked brands.

Let us welcome you through the ‘virtual’ doors of The Wee Department Store.

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